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1. Can we use tile over tile ?

Yes, it is possible to install new tile over existing tile. However, there are a few factors to consider before doing so. Firstly, the condition of the existing tile should be assessed. If the old tile is cracked, loose, or uneven, it is recommended to remove it before installing new tile. Additionally, the height of the new tile should be taken into account to ensure that it does not create any issues with door clearance or transitions to other flooring materials. It is also important to use the appropriate adhesive and follow proper installation techniques to ensure a successful outcome. Consulting our professional tile installers or contractors can provide further guidance based on the specific circumstances of your project.

2. What types of flooring services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of flooring services, including installation, repair, refinishing, and maintenance for various types of flooring materials such as tile , marble , mosaic, hardwood, laminate, vinyl.

3. How long does it typically take to install new flooring?

The duration of the installation process depends on several factors, including the size of the area, the type of flooring material, and any additional preparation work required. Generally, a standard-sized room can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete.

4. Can you help me choose the right flooring material for my space?

Absolutely! Our experienced flooring professionals can provide expert advice and guidance in selecting the most suitable flooring material based on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. We take into consideration factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, style, and functionality. And the best thing we can provide the material too.

5. Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your flooring services?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our workmanship and materials. We offer warranties on our flooring installations and can provide information on specific warranty terms and coverage for each type of flooring service.

6. Can you repair damaged or worn-out flooring?

Yes, we offer flooring repair services to fix various issues such as cracks, chips, scratches, water damage, and worn-out areas. Our skilled technicians can assess the damage and provide the necessary repairs to restore the appearance and functionality of your flooring.

7. How often should I refinish my hardwood floors?

The frequency of hardwood floor refinishing depends on factors such as the amount of foot traffic, wear and tear, and the type of finish used. On average, hardwood floors may need to be refinished every 5 to 10 years. However, our experts can evaluate your specific flooring condition and provide personalized recommendations.

8. What maintenance steps should I take to prolong the lifespan of my flooring?

Proper maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of your flooring. We can provide you with specific care instructions based on the type of flooring material you have. Generally, regular cleaning, avoiding excessive moisture, using protective pads on furniture, and promptly addressing any spills or damages are essential for maintaining the beauty and durability of your floors.

9. Can you provide a cost estimate for my flooring project?

Yes, we offer free consultations and can provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your flooring project. Our team will assess the scope of work, materials needed, and any additional services required to provide you with an accurate quote.

Bill S. Norman - Windermere, FL

"Expertly installed floors that have truly elevated my home. Impressive!"

Calvin A. Mott - Lake Butler, FL

"Exceptional service, attention to detail, and stunning results. So pleased!"

Noreen R. Sanchez Oakland, FL

"From consultation to completion, All Floor 2U's professionalism shone through."

Tracy A. Palumbo - Clarcona, FL

"From start to finish, a flawless experience. Thrilled with my floors."

Joseph C. Hannon - Orlando, FL

"Impeccable workmanship and top-notch customer service."

Erik S. Johnson - Edgewood, FL

"Professional, efficient, and stunning results. Highly recommend!"

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